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Axel a cute puppy will make a great family pet

Axel is a cute puppy who is full of fun and keen to learn. He will make a great addition to any family, he likes children. He will be an active boy who will keep you entertained. 

Breed : Cross
Age: 10 months old

Axel is a cute little cross breed puppy boy he is very sweet and loves his cuddles. Axel will be ideal for a home that wants to make a young dog their own. He’s a prime candidate for puppy classes and will train very well as he is quick to learn. We think he has collie in him, as his legs are like collie legs and he moves like a collie so will be very active and intelligent. He’s very lightweight though, weighing only 9 kgs.

Axel a rescue puppy for adoption

He is very good on his lead and loves cuddles. He can be homed with a female dog but isn’t too keen on boy dogs.

This poor little baby was in a dogs home and after 7 days his name  would be put on the list to be put to sleep. Dogwatch couldn’t stand the  thought of a young puppy being Put To Sleep so we offered to take him  right away. The staff at the pound told us – “We think this boy may have some collie in him as he is very crafty in the way that he pretends that he hasn’t  had his treat at bed time, (I don’t think he tastes the first one) and  is already sat waiting for his next treat. He loves my little girl so I think he has already been in a home with children. He likes  to drag his bedding out of his bed but hasn’t chewed it as yet. We  haven’t managed to asses him around cats.”

Axel a rescue puppy for adoption

Last of all he seems to love everyone.

Axel is very good on the lead and he is house trained but he will need more puppy training as soon as he is homed.

Axel a rescue puppy for adoption

Fosterers Report : Axel this week has really calmed down. He is good on his lead and in general. He gives you his paw and loves his bones and toys.

Axel is currently in a foster home in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire, West Midlands

Fosterers report : Foster mum Ann says he’s ” interested ” in other dogs and the cat but not aggressively so. We took him round town at weekend and he was a good boy, so he is mixing and getting lots of new experiences.

Axel a rescue puppy for adoption

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Will be neutered when old enough
Adoption Fee : £135
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