Bagel (a.k.a Bailey)

Updated March 3, 2019 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 03/03/2019

Hi, 3 years ago today we brought home Bailey, now called Bagel mostly.
We love having him in our lives, there is never a dull moment !

progress update: 24/9/2016

Bailey is now about a year old, been with us now for 6 months.
Nearly everyone who meets him adores him, quite rightly!
He’s still very much an enthusiastic puppy and a sneaky scavenging thief and we all think he’s fab !
Thanks to DAWG dogs for giving us the opportunity to adopt him

progress update: 04/05/2016

Just a quick update on Bailey, he settled in and gets away with murder with his lovely little face !
He is an adorable thieving hooligan, nothing is exempt, people food, trees, plants, horse poo, books, tissues all deemed tasty treats !
proper training due to start next week which will be fun I’m sure.

progress update: 13/03/2016

Hi, Bailey here, I am settling in well here with. my new mate Joe and the family.
I can run much faster than Joe around the garden and I love to tease him.
I pinch his food too if he’s not quick enough, and the other day I had nearly a whole tub of biscuits that the young humans didn’t put the lid on properly.
We go to the beach sometimes and although I’m not too sure about that wet stuff I don’t want to miss out on the fun so I carry on.
I’ve had a visitor to tease this week, he’s more playful than Joe.
Will keep you all posted , woofs and hugs, Bailey

progress update: 02/03/2016

Round and round the garden they went, had a rest, then again and again !
both knackered for a bit now, but neither seem to know the comfort of a dog bed!

Bailey has now found a home !!

Bailey is around 6 months old and currently fostered with children, cats and two terriers, all of which he gets on well with.
He can be a bit nervous around men to begin with but once he gets to know them he is fine.
Bailey travels well in the car. He is superb on lead and walks to heel.
He is also great off lead and loves to meet other dogs.
His recall is good, although more training will be required to perfect it.
We are currently working on this.
He doesn’t wander off too far on walks, prefers to be quite near.
He is clean in the house and loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa for cuddles.
A real softy!