Updated October 3, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Baini has now found a home !!

progress update: 05/10/2014

Hi Helen, Toyah here just emailing to let you know Baini has settled in well, he’s been for lots of walks, has had lots of new toys and cuddles, training is ongoing but he was so good through the night only cried for a few minutes and then he settled down in his new bed.
Thank you so much for letting us give him a new home, Baini seems happy which is the most important thing.

Anyway will update you in a few weeks, again thank you.
Kind regards, Toyah

progress update: 30/07/2014

Baini has moved but only to another foster home as Kevin and Gaby have gone off on their holidays.
Baini loves other dogs and much prefers life in the Rescue to where he was before.
This doesn’t mean he wants to stay here but is happy enough to get free Bed and Board until a home turns up which he has mentioned he hopes won’t be too long.

Baini couldn’t get the idea of herding sheep and really couldn’t see the point in it and this is why he is in Rescue.
He would rather spend the day lazing about in the sun, eyeing up the girls and having tasty nosh and cold Lemonade served up to him!

progress update: 02/07/2014

Baini has settled in very well with Bono the other Dawgdog that is fostering with Kevin and Gaby and also their own two dogs.
He is coping well with a busy household that has lots of comings and goings.
He is a sociable chap who gets on with dogs and people.
More to follow from his foster Mum and Dad who will write up a piece about him as he settles more.

Baini (which is Irish for ‘white’) came to us last week.
He is Hope’s older brother and is 2 years old.
Baini is a Collie mostly white as you would expect from his name.
He gets on very well with other dogs and has a kind nature.
Photos to follow.