Updated May 24, 2021 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Barney has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/7/21:

Just to let you know we have Barney home now, trip home fine, been out for a walk and so far so good!
I think he and Lottie will sleep well tonight – they haven’t stopped playing!

Barney slept well for his first night, finally settled around 11am but only with Lottie in the bed next to him after we had to drag her back down from her slumber on the Landing, they have def bonded well. Nice early start at 5am, but a nice quiet walk! Lottie declined and stayed in her bed. All good – fences not tested yet although we plan to keep him on lead when in garden for a while.

Barney update. All going well, he is a very sweet and happy dog. Vet check up all ok, he is on some paste to get his poo solid as bit runny but hopefully just food change/settling in. Both dogs getting on well, he loves Lottie. Tried him off the spike in the garden for around 3 hours with 4 of us strategically positioned and no escape attempts, we even had a search and rescue plan in place!! Doing a bit of home agility but need a bigger tunnel! Slept 11-6am last night! All good so far.

loving the camper trip
loving my woodpile!
loving the beach!
and loving our Lottie

Barney is 10 months old and needing a home.
He has been in two homes so far that we know of via the internet since being sold by the breeder and coming into the Rescue.
Barney is a very friendly dog and gets on well with other dogs.
He always spends lunchtime with the girls at the kennel he is boarding in. They all love him there and no doubt he pays particular attention to what flavour sandwiches are being unwrapped at lunchtime….

Barney needs a high fence as he has been practising his Commando skills climbing the ones in his previous home.