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progress update: 22/07/2018

Just coming up one month anniversary.
Thought you might like to see how your gorgeous boy Beau is getting on.
He walks with me off the lead, plays and runs and returns on command.
He’s a real treasure!
We meet all the dog walkers every morning at the beach and he is mixing with them and the owners very well,
although still a bit anxious around people,
which is natural but he is less wary already.

Beau has now found a home !!

Beau – Was found by side of road having been hit by car and left for dead.
Taken to a vet who put pins in his leg.
We are now concentrating on gradually building up the muscles in this leg.
God, what a lovely, gentle dog who did not mind one iota Binkey cuddling up in his bed with him for a bit of comfort and warmth.
Clean in house and what more can you ask for in a friend then that.
We will be fussy finding the right home for him so put your best foot forward ….