Bessi (a.k.a Messi)

Updated September 26, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Bessi has now found a home !!

My name is Messi or Bessi as Stephanie prefers to call me.
I am 18 months old, I like other dogs and love to play with my foster family’s cat.

I met a lot of people, children and their dogs at The Pets at Home and Dawgdogs show today.
As I need some training Helen thought I may be a bit too excitable there but I was really, really good and enjoyed myself very much.
I came from a farm where I was surplus to requirements so not much was done with me and not having spent a lot of time with other dogs I hadn’t learnt how to play politely.
But I am learning fast and starting to realise that I have no need to herd the little dogs.
Chester at the Rescue is much relieved being a smaller dog himself !
My recall is quite good and I race back at top speed to Jackie when she calls me.
When I first arrived to Dawgdogs I liked to have the radio and light on at night but have now settled down to sleeping without either.
I will update you further as I settle in more.