Bongo (a.k.a Bono the blind dog)

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progress update: 22/07/2018

Bongo was the blind dog my friend Fran adopted a few years ago and now lives in Australia.

Bongo did so well on his first mock sniff and go trail.
So they got 3 minutes to find 3 food hides.
Trail 1 he did in 1.30 mins this was food on plastic containers
trail 2 he did in 1.45 min this was searching 2 cars
trail 3 he did 1.15 min this was random objects on the ground
trail 4 he did 1.47 min this was a room with objects
Each trail was new and 3 of 4 were outside so proud as he couldn’t see the games he had to figure them out

progress update: 27/5/15

Bongo and his new crash helmet

progress update: 20/1/2015

Fun down the beach with DAWGdog Bongo (aka Bono) who is blind and Angel who is deaf

progress update: 03/07/2014

Bono has now found a home !!

Bono will be going to his new home with Fran who will be collecting him when she gets back from her holiday.
He will be living with two other dogs Angel an ex Dawgdogs who is deaf and Fran’s other dog.

Sadly, Bono is needing a home again.
He found the young children that frequently visited the house where he lived just too confusing for him.
Bono being blind couldn’t work out where they were and with lots of screaming and playing around him it unsettled him.

He has settled back in with Kevin and Gaby who fostered him originally and is now  enjoying the company of three other dogs, long walks and lots of fuss.


rehomed Feb 18th 2014

Met Bono yesterday when I took him to his foster home and he is gorgeous
– he was good as gold in the car but really perked up when he met the dogs at the foster home
– think he’s going to make someone a lovely companion

progress update from his foster home: 18/2/14

What a lovely dog. Quiet and gentle.
Never had to care for a blind dog before and it is amazing how they adapt.
Really needs another dog around to show him the ropes.
Good companion for couple or family.
Not walked him yet so watch this space.
He is a year old and has been neutered, very playful and not bothered by other dogs.

Bono 2

This is Bono who is coming to us on the 15th of February.
Bless his little heart Bono is blind and only a year old.
If you haven’t had a blind dog before do not let it put you off him.
Blind dogs like people get around fine and in fact because of their strong sense of smell get about even better than people.
I always remember the story I once heard many years ago about a blind Guide Dog who had been leading a blind person to and fro around Cardiff and when he had his yearly check up was discovered to have been blind himself for quite a while!