Alfie ( a.k.a Bracken)

Updated June 22, 2017 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


A new picture of Alfie showing how beautifully his fur has grown back.
The vet was very pleased with him and he behaved very well when we went.
He loves his walks, although we keep them short in the hot weather.
He is such a happy little dog and we are so lucky to have him.

Bracken has now found a home !!

progress update: 30/04/2017

Bracken has improved so much since he came into the Rescue.
His skin and eyes have cleared up and his hair is growing back fast.
He loves walks out with the other dogs and is great off the lead.
He is now running up to say “Hello” to other dogs and people.

Bracken arrived into the Rescue in a horrendous state of neglect.
His skin was sore with scabs under matted hair to the point that the hair on his throat as the scabs fell off had worked its way down to a line of matted hair.
He had an eye infection and his claws were long, all of which meant it was painful for him to walk.
He was kept in a storeroom.
These are the before photos of him:

Thanks to Stella of Always There Pet Care groomers who fitted in grooming him on her weekend.
He is now much more comfortable and enjoying his walks.

Bracken is no trouble at all, a quiet dog who gets on very well with the other dogs.
He had his first off lead walk yesterday at the beach which he loved.
Bracken is three years old.