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progress update: 9/9/14

This is from Muriel who fostered bruce in Ireland:

Hi from Ireland guys!
I see on your web pages you’re all updated on Bruce, who was a foster of mine back in 2013.
I just heard from his people, wrote an update for my pages and wanted to get in touch to say thanks so much for finding him such a fabulous home.
And also to give him a plug for your competitions tomorrow – we’re rooting for him in Ireland!

progress update: 1/2/14


Bruce got a new ball today and had loads of fun, but was totally knackered afterwards.

He really is an amazing dog with so much personality, we couldn’t imagine our family without him.

progress update: 27/9/13


Bruce is enjoying his new life and having lots of fun at the beach

progress update: 15/9/13

Bruce 2


Bruce tired after football!

progress update: 11/9/13

Bruce has now found a home !!


progress update: 8/6/13

Bruce has come back into the Rescue as sadly his new owner found him to be a little too big and strong for her.

progress update: 22/3/13

Hi Helen,

Thought I would update you on Bruce, who has been with us for nearly 2 weeks now.
Bruce is such a lovely boy, who just wants to please you and give you lots of love.
His manners are getting better, as he will now sit and wait when giving him his meals.
He knows bed when told, might not stay straight away especially when there is food about,
but he knows that when it comes to us going to bed he goes to his without any fuss.
( Might be the goodnight biscuits that he has, has something to do with it)
He loves his walks and he is getting better on the lead.
I have taken him to the dog park at Slade’s to have a run around off lead and he loves every minute of it. His recall needs work, once he’s got all the excitement out of his system he will come back.
All he wants, is other dogs to play with, when there isn’t any he will chase Maddie,
who is only interested in her ball when out and about and will tell Bruce off for being a nuisance.
He does need putting in his place, as he will try to take advantage and push Maddie out of the way when having fusses and cuddles.
All because he is a big softy, who wants lots of love and time.
He hasn’t shown any aggression to our two young boys, if anything he will stand in their way just to get a cuddle as they pass him.
Will update again soon
Kim x

progress update: 20/3/13

Hi, thought I would update you on Bruce.
He has been with us since Monday and what a lovely chap he is, he just needs to be put in his place, as he will take advantage.
All he wants is food, cuddles / fussing and to be near you.
We have a gate in the hallway which is supposed to stop them getting upstairs or out the front door! Bruce just jumps over it!
Although he does know that is where he sleeps at night.
He loves going out for walks, he turns round in circles with excitement, wants to make friends with every person and dog that he comes across.
He is great with our boys, age 4 and 5 and half. I think it would be best if he was re-homed with children of similar age or older, not because he’s aggressive but just that he gets so excited, that he can knock them flying.
He knows sit and down or though he wont stay for long.
I am teaching him wait when it comes to feeding time.
He knows what bed means but doesn’t necessarily want to go, he has the odd accident if you raise your arm too quickly to put him in his bed.
Whoever gives Bruce a home will have a friend for live, he just wants to please and be loved.

progress update: 16/3/13

This Bruce, he is about 2 years old and love cuddles and attention.
He came to us yesterday morning, he slept all night with Maddie and was clean.
He likes my two boys age 4 & 5, but you do have to tell him to leave.
He does need training as he pulls on the lead, he is an intelligent dog so does need to be occupied

Bruce’s writeup from his foster home in Ireland :-

Bruce is packing his suitcase tonight in readiness for his journey to the UK tomorrow. And I’m sitting down to do his write up so his delightfulnesses and quirks are apparent to any potential new guardian and he finds the perfect forever home. Bruce was found wandering near Bantry, W Cork, Ireland, with a torn rope round his neck – obviously stray, he was taken in by RAWR, the local TNR group. He’s been fostered with me since the beginning of February and no-one’s come forward to claim him. He arrived matted and thin. One grooming treatment and several weeks later, he’s a lovely figure of a collie cross. He’s got an absolutely lovely nature, very faithful (he’d follow me everywhere if he could!), delighted to meet new people, alert and a really quick learner. And very food orientated


I would have guessed that Bruce hadn’t had any or had minimal training before he came to me. But he’s a quick study, loves the attention training gives him, is food orientated and is very eager to learn. He learned ‘Sit’ in about three lessons. He comes when he’s called – so much so that I let him off the lead when we went walking in the country – but I put him back on it when other dogs were around, just to be on the safe side. He hasn’t learned ‘Lie Down’, mostly because he seems to think I’m giving him a row when I try that one (see pic) – don’t ask me why!

He did jump up enthusiastically in greeting, and to get attention, when I first got him. Since he did this gently, I didn’t object immediately. But I’ve been discouraging him in recent weeks, and he’s getting the idea – though he’s not there yet. A bit of consistency and he’ll stop soon enough.

For a collie cross (usually very attention seeking) he’s surprisingly good and quiet – though he does come looking for attention (and prefers to be by my side at all times), he’s very good at sitting quietly when I’m busy.

Basically, Bruce is very trainable and will engage in training sessions with enthusiasm.

House Training:

I think it’s safe to say Bruce wasn’t housetrained on his arrival. But he’s a quick study and, though he still has accidents, he’s nearly there. Most nights there’s no accidents, and no accidents at all during the day. He’s figured this out mostly on his own – I’ve let him out frequently and let him know to go out when I’ve caught him indoors, rather than crate training. And he’s caught on so quick!

When he moves to his new home you’ll probably have to keep an eye on him at first, to be sure he knows the rules are the same at yours as at mine. Do be prepared for the odd accident at first, but he’ll catch on quick.