Updated February 23, 2021 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 23/2/21

Bruno celebrated his 2nd Birthday last Saturday. He appears to have calmed down and is settling in nicely.
So far, we have only lost ½ bag of crisps and 1 yorkshire pudding off the kitchen counter 😊 He has definitely grown taller and is now at his correct weight (30kg). He is also walking much better on the lead – we no longer used the harness there’s still a little pulling/tugging and we’re using the spray when he lunges for cats which he is beginning to understand. We take him to Toplands Field where he is able to run free and socialise with other dogs, the field is water logged but the pleasure we get from seeing him playing and running free is amazing (he totally ignores us when we’re there!!). Brian takes him running 5-12km 3 times a week and once the weather gets better I will take him too.

He gets let out to play in the garden several times a day where he gets to do his zoomies. Bruno gets bored fairly easily so I need something to perk up his interest. One thing he really enjoys (weirdo), is Amazon cardboard boxes. I fold the box up and shove little treats, bits of carrots, etc and Sellotape it into little compartments and he spends ages ripping the box up to get the treats; like I said weirdo 😊

Bruno has now found a home !!

Bruno has been with us for a week now having come from a dog pound and his time was due up.
He loves other dogs and people.
He is a bigger Lurcher and not good with cats etc.
Bruno is 18 months old