Updated March 18, 2017 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Casper has now found a home !!

Casper had a lovely day today.
Jane picked him up at lunchtime and took him through Branksome woods and down to the beach.
He stayed there all day in their beach hut.
He had the company of their dog Teddy to play with and then had a good and long sleep.
Tonight he is staying with Jane at her house and tomorrow will be off for another walk before coming back to the Rescue in the evening.
He is improving day by day and I am a 100 per cent sure he has full sight in one eye.

He really has a good and sweet nature

Casper went for his first walk today and bounced around on the lead like Bambi.
Almost certain that he has good vision in one eye as he can see a tennis ball in dusk light and another dog from 20ft away.
He is now asleep and thoroughly tired out.
He is a clever dog and picks up straight away when to stand still to untangle his lead.
He has started to play with the other dogs

Casper arrived yesterday.
He is only around 5 months old and bless him has not had the best start in life.
He still has most of his baby teeth.
Someone has sliced part of one ear off and on top of this he can only see shadows in one eye and is probably partially sighted in the other.
He is starting to settle in here at the Rescue and has the sweetest of natures.
Today, he was watching the mop going from side to side and trying to catch it.