Thank you Alison of Everything Pets in Hordle !

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Alison at Everything Pets pet shop in a Hordle has chosen DAWG as their charity to fundraise for this year!

32 Stopples Lane
SO41 0GL Lymington
01425 616722

Please be aware..

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A dog has received injuries, possibly caused by a chemical contaminant in water on the forest. The message we received is as follows….
“My dog Mac was walked recently in the forest opposite the Hare&Hounds pub near Sway on Tuesday late afternoon. He was kept on lead for most of the walk. He was carrying his tennis ball in his mouth which had fallen into some stagnant water. Within an hour of returning home he began to lick his lips, was unable to swallow, the inside of his mouth was bright red, his jowls began to swell and he was drooling excessively. I rushed him to vet…he was given an antibiotic/ steroid injection and pain relief. It was thought he had come into contact with something corrosive or bacterial that had burned the inside of his mouth. He continued to worsen through the night and I returned to the vet the next morning. Upon examination the vet found lesions on his tongue and ulcers inside his mouth. He was given more pain relief/anti-inflammatories and an anti acid to line his esphogaus and stomach in case he had swallowed any of the toxin…within 3 hours Mac deteriorated further and I returned to the vet…he was immediately admitted so they could put a camera down his throat to check for further damage and investigations. To date Mac is stable but has had a feeding tube fitted, is receiving fluids and pain relief intravenously and is under observation. His bloods have been normal throughout and the damage seems to be localised in his mouth. I have contacted the forestry commission and the local verderers to inform them about Mac’s condition and ask them to test the waters in that area for toxins/poisons/bacteria…Alabama Rot has been mentioned as a possible cause but my vet has not had a case present so quickly in the mouth. My reason for writing this is to warn other dog owners/walkers about the possible contamination of the waters in that area and to be vigilante with your dogs for any of the above symptoms. If anyone else has had their dogs present with similar symptoms could you please contact the above authorities or Priory Vets in Purewell. I was fortunate to get Mac to the vet so quickly and am hoping he makes a complete recovery but other livestock/wildlife may not be so I hope the above authorities act quickly.

Bertie has now been found !

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UPDATE 5:30pm Sat 12/11

Bertie has now been found and will be with Helen by the time you read this.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped to try and find him and also to everyone who helped to spread the word!

Pet owners warned of deadly foxtail grass threat to dogs as warm weather causes rapid growth

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Please make sure you are aware of this potential danger to your dog!

Update from Helen

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I am so very happy today because Chester who has been with us for nearly 16 months has gone off to his new home.
He has gone to live with Debbie who has been with the Rescue since its beginning and she is going to bring him on at her place where he can have one to one encouragement.
Chester is in the best of homes.
I will miss him but am delighted.

Frankie is off to live with Graham one of our lovely vets and his family.

Well today has been eventful here at DAWGdogs…. I was up early to pick up dogs at 4.00 am – two lovely Collies and a pretty Lurcher.
Teddy went off to his home, one of our new foster families came to pick up Cyber one of the Collies,
Two more lovely Lurchers arrived – both need fattening up.
Chester found a home at last and then one of the new Lurchers nearly gave me a heart attack by doing a disappearing act.
After I had driven all round Parkstone looking for him I came back home to find that he had tried to jump my 7 foot fence and had got behind the water butt , the tree and the fence posts I have in the corner of the dog run.
He couldn’t be seen and it was the first place I looked !!
If he hadn’t whined so I knew he was there everyone one would of been on red alert and out looking for him.
Just finished washing down the dog run for the umpteenth time because of course they all have loose motions…..
Soon off to the vet with Zak and Mia.
I now have 10 dogs here so if anyone has been thinking of fostering then please step forward smartish :)
Photos will follow soon of the new arrivals!

Change of microchip details

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For those of you that have left me messages or sent emails about the updating of your microchip details, if I haven’t replied yet don’t worry I will.
I have been furiously going through the log of the microchip company that we use and the DAWGdog files and updating them all through the night literally.
I have been hand rearing Tommy Long Tail who arrived this week and who only a couple of days old on arrival has needed hourly feeds.
In between those I have been hard at it on the computer.
Hopefully, any of you that have moved since adopting one of our dogs have, as you are meant to do, updated me with your new addresses and phone numbers.
If not then your dog may be registered to the address you had on adoption of your DAWGdog.
It still stands as agreed when adopting a dog from DAWGdogs that if for any reason you can no longer keep your DAWG dog that they must be returned to the Rescue.
This is still the legal requirement of the adoption contract


Fundraising at The Candle Jar

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These photos are to assist the fundraising we love to do for local causes DAWG Dog Rescue and The Bournemouth Soup Run.
We have a charity stand at the shop dedicated to helping them both, all commission we make from the sales on this stand is shared between the two.
We thought it would be a good idea to post some photos of the lovely items we sell.
We have a great range of high quality bespoke locally handmade oak gifts , Big Love from Bournemouth greetings cards and the amazing Salisbury hospital ‘My Trusty Sunflower’ cream products.
We have samples of the personalised items on display at the shop.
The craftsmanship of the oak gifts is superb, purchasers to date have been exceptionally impressed, me included !
Claire xxx

Alamaba Rot is a serious danger in this area, see this link to learn how to protect your dog

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Thank you for the Dog Show !

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Last Sunday we had our annual dog show at Amberwood Farm where we raised a fantastic £2,748.00

I would like to thank Pat for letting us use her farm again,
Kate who once again organised the whole show from start to finish,
Ruth and Bob,
Bob and Emma who helped at the show and put the horses up in their field.
Stephen who helped us set up and was our Auctioneer on the day.

Thank you to the volunteers who set up the day before and help on the day.
They all turn up year after year to help.

Thank you to everyone who donated Auction lots to us and everyone that donated raffle prizes, bottles for the bottle stall, tombola prizes baked cakes for us and the stallholders that book a stall every year just to support the Rescue.
Thank you Rowan Tree Oils,
Weston’s Animal Feeds,
Danestream Farm Shop,
Christchurch Timber,
Artaze Hair,
Retreat Room,
Paws Deli,,
Alexandra Mobile Beauty,
Black Dog DNA,
Millie’s Wolfheart,
Krafty Korner,
Urban Image Tattoo,
The Plough Inn,
Everything Pets,
New Forest Dogs Grooming,
New Forest Koi,
N Prosser Bookkeeping,
Classic Hair and Beauty,
Barking Mad Films,
Forever Living Aloe with Danni

I would also like to thank Angela and her team from The Friendly Dog Club who support us not only at our show but throughout the year too.

Thank you also to Shaun and Georgie Perkins from Shakerfest who on the day presented to the us £402.50 that they raised at their mini fest.

Thank you!!

Sunday 6th September: DAWGdogs Fun Day Dog Show 2015

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Lucy the Lurcher and some of the DAWGdogs looking for homes
will be at our Dog Show on Sunday.

Please come along to meet them!

The following great items have been kindly donated for our auction:

* Pamper session with Alexandra Mobile Beauty
* Pet portrait by Wendy Cummings
* DNA breed test from Blackdog DNA
* Doggy hamper from Everything Pets
* Visit from Father Christmas on Christmas Eve
* Under 17’s Driving day with Flying Colours
* Toy tunnel from Just Outdoor Toys
* Horse hamper from Weston’s
* Jigsaw from Christchurch Timber
* 6weeks dog training with the Friendly Dog Club
* Grooming lesson with New Forest Dog Grooming
* Pet photo shoot with Tracy Willis

We have lots of stalls coming on Sunday, including:
Rowan Tree – offering tarot, crystals and oils,
Jewellery by Karen – handmade jewellery,
Gadgets and Gifts Galore – gadgets, toys and sweets,
Paddy’s Pool – hydrotherapy,
Westons Animal Feeds – everything horsey and doggy,
Everything Pets – top quality treats, supplements and toys,
Oscars Pet Food and
Woofy Pics – photo studio.

A few bottles up for grabs on the Bottle Stall!

And we’ve had this stunning cushion donated by Jane Mcintyre Design- Winchester for the raffle:

And this lovely raffle prize has come in, there’s a bed, toy, poo bags and travel bowls in there for your doggy! Thank you Roz Sears

All proceeds to DAWGdogs Rescue.

Thank you for your support!

Our annual DAWG Dog show will be taking place on

Sunday, 6th September, 2015

Amberwood Farm, Fairlight Lane, Tiptoe SO41 6FB.