Update from Helen

Updated June 3, 2016 Categories: news.

I am so very happy today because Chester who has been with us for nearly 16 months has gone off to his new home.
He has gone to live with Debbie who has been with the Rescue since its beginning and she is going to bring him on at her place where he can have one to one encouragement.
Chester is in the best of homes.
I will miss him but am delighted.

Frankie is off to live with Graham one of our lovely vets and his family.

Well today has been eventful here at DAWGdogs…. I was up early to pick up dogs at 4.00 am – two lovely Collies and a pretty Lurcher.
Teddy went off to his home, one of our new foster families came to pick up Cyber one of the Collies,
Two more lovely Lurchers arrived – both need fattening up.
Chester found a home at last and then one of the new Lurchers nearly gave me a heart attack by doing a disappearing act.
After I had driven all round Parkstone looking for him I came back home to find that he had tried to jump my 7 foot fence and had got behind the water butt , the tree and the fence posts I have in the corner of the dog run.
He couldn’t be seen and it was the first place I looked !!
If he hadn’t whined so I knew he was there everyone one would of been on red alert and out looking for him.
Just finished washing down the dog run for the umpteenth time because of course they all have loose motions…..
Soon off to the vet with Zak and Mia.
I now have 10 dogs here so if anyone has been thinking of fostering then please step forward smartish :)
Photos will follow soon of the new arrivals!