Jack the Beagle

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Jack has returned safe and well!

The errant Jack has returned home.

His people deserve a medal for putting up with his escapades for all these years!

This is Jack who has been missing since the weekend.
Jack was adopted many years ago and has always been an escape artist but usually comes home.
This time he has not and everyone is very worried about him as he is an old boy now.

1st Feb 2014 : Dog First Aid Course

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13th Dec Friday : Coffee Morning at Zoukinis Westbourne, dogs welcome too!

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This recent update from Blitzen very nicely illustrates why Helen always asks potential homes about the height of their garden fence !!

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DAWGdogs on the beach

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DAWGdogs playing down the beach and walking off their Christmas dinners!

Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!! Boh!!

Beachcombing in style!

In rehab at the Rescue, will answer to anything as long as sticks are thrown constantly!

Trying to dig up a Star Collar that he won’t outgrow!

not quite as mad about sticks as Hazel but much better at bringing them back!

Poison warning as dog falls ill after walk in New Forest

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Poison warning as dog falls ill after walk in New Forest


3:00pm Wednesday 4th January 2012 in News

By Jane Reader

DOG lover Philip Wilkinson has urged pet owners to be on their guard after his retriever became ill after a walk in the New Forest.

Nine-year-old Buster suffered severe sickness and a swollen stomach after a walk at South Oakley near Burley.

The black, flat-coated retriever was rushed to the PDSA hospital the following day and spent two nights on antibiotics and a drip before being allowed home.

“He is normally a very healthy dog so I think he must have eaten something poisonous,” said Philip, of Curzon Road, Bournemouth. “I don’t know if anyone had left anything deliberately or whether there are plants or fungi that are poisonous to dogs – I just wanted to warn people to keep an eye on their pets.”

Buster was unable to eat for several days but is now on the mend.

Veterinary charity the PDSA warns increasing numbers of pets are being treated for accidental poisoning.

Spokesman Alexander Campbell said: “Sadly many of those things can prove fatal. It is vitally important that owners keep any substances that can harm pets well out of reach and react quickly and responsibly if they suspect poisoning might have occurred.”


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My latest Lord Of the Rings update has been banned…

Ultimate dog tease ( from Youtube)

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If you walk your dog(s) on Talbot Heath..

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Owners who exercise their pets at a nature reserve are being warned to be on their guard after several pets showed symptoms of poisoning.

Police believe poison pellets being put down on Talbot Heath to deter foxes could be deadly if they are eaten by dogs.

…At least three animals have ended up needing veterinary treatment.

more dogs have been affected since this was published

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