Updated August 3, 2021 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Charlie has now found a home !!

Charlie is a Yorkshire Terrier who came into the Rescue from a dog pound.
He had a skin infection which has been treated now.
Charlie is a really nice boy and gets on well with the other dogs here.
Becomes very excited at walk times and in the morning when I come downstairs ( was thinking of investing in plugs ) but now is much calmer and quieter.
Great off the lead and loving forest walks.
Those of you that like to lay in bed until late will need to know that Charlie is an up with the Larks type of dog… Better than any alarm clock I know, apart from maybe my Cockerell alarm clock, which has me jumping out of bed along with most of my near neighbours!!
He is starting catch onto the fact that I do like to get up as late as 7 am now and then…