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progress update: 04/12/2019

When we first had Chase I discovered Watercombe Dogs near Dorchester had a secure meadow which I was able to hire by the hour and let Chase run free in complete safety whilst she was getting to know us.
She is now 11 months old and has successfully completed a Recall and Relationship course at Watercombe.

progress update: 19/08/2019

I can’t believe we’ve had Chase a month.
She is so much fun.
She is being neutered today.
Thank you for letting us have her.

Chase has now found a home !!

progress update: 26/06/2019

Chase went off the lead for the first time last weekend.
She was a dream coming when called and even when not called.
She is learning all the time and very quick to do so.
It was lovely to see her, Freddie and Rose running and playing .
She has met lots of new dogs out and also went into a stream for the first time.
She was at first cautious, then a few tentative steps to catch the water and once she saw the other dogs having a grand time in the water she was straight in there joining in the fun.

Chase has been with us for four weeks now and is 16 weeks old.
Being a Collie cross she is clever and learns quickly.
She is clean in the house bar the odd accident when we didn’t hear her asking to go out.
She has been helping us fundraise lately and enjoyed meeting people especially the children: She loved the children.