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Chewy needs a home !!

Chewy is back at the Rescue and is looking for another home

If you may be able to offer a home

please call Helen on 01202 380467

Phone calls & messages are usually only taken during office hours Mon – Sat.

Emails and Facebook messages can usually only be responded to within 3 days,

so please be patient if you don’t get an answer straight away:

Helen is often too busy to explain how busy she is!

We usually only rehome within approx. 50 miles of the Bournemouth / Poole area
so that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will only rehome further afield if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home
to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we rescue

Chewy has now found a home !!

Named after Chewbacca from Star Wars and not because he is going to chew your immaculate house up .

He is a Pom x Jack Russel who gets on well with other dogs

Chewie is a lovely sweet little fluff ball,
he loves nothing better than to play outside and meet new people,
also a snuggle up on the lap would also be just as good,
he gets on with cats although he will say a little hello bark but will leave them alone,
good on commands and has his own little house that he goes in when he wants to be alone,
he has shown no aggression towards children although he will give an excited bark to other dogs but will calm down once he knows everything is ok,
he will make any family very happy and will love them to no end


progress update: 17/09/2017

Chewy enjoying his new home

Chewy has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/07/2017

Chewy has been with us for a while now and really cannot understand why.
He is a nice dog who has settled in well with Yvonne and Gino.
This week he went for the dog groomers for a wash and blow dry.
Chewy is clean in the house and gets on well with other dogs once he gets to know them.
He is also used to children.
[He’s been named ‘Chewy’ after his resemblance to a Star Wars character; – he doesn’t chew everything up!]

progress update: 19/07/2017

Chewy is two years old and a Pomeranian cross Jack Russel.
A nice little dog who looks who sadly came into the Rescue due to his lady’s allergy to dog hair getting worse.
He is getting on well with Bonny our other Pomeranian who is also looking for a home.