Chloe (a.k.a Bobbie)

Updated March 5, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates.


progress update: 5/3/14

Just a quick update on Bobbie (named after Bobbie Wickham from the Jeeves & Wooster stories as she is short and bossy!).

She’s only been here for 24 hours and has made herself right at home.
Beano and her have been playing all day and he is loving have a pal.
We’ve been out for a walk and she’s met some other dogs (she does bark at them but only to make them play) and she desperately wanted to chase a cyclist but other than that, she was perfectly well behaved.
She slept well last night and has eaten all her food.
She’s worked out how to use the dog flap and has been charging around the garden with Beano and has been taking naps on my lap whilst I am working at the computer.
She already comes to her new name and loves her treats!
She really is a sweet little soul.

Best wishes

Chloe has now found a home !!

progress update: 24/2/14

We have only looked after Chloe for 4 days but we have found that she is a very confident little dog.
Absolutely full of love, wants to cuddle and play.
She will make a wonderful companion dog, but she doesn’t seem to get on well with other dogs.
She travels very well in the car, eagerly eats her food and she plays beautifully
with her ‘tugging’ toy and brings it to you to join in the game.
In fact the barking and growling at the other dogs might well be an invitation to play.
She does however growl and lunge at other dogs on the walk.
She loves having a bath or shower when she is muddy and especially enjoys the cuddle in a towel afterwards.
She has been sleeping overnight in a crate and we didn’t hear a peep out of her.
We leave the crate door open during the day and she’s popped in for a doze once or twice.
I can’t stress enough how loving she is to people.
Her only problems are pulling on the lead and barking at other dogs, although she
did try to chase a horse and a jogger whilst on her walk.
She has been used to a harness and lead which is not good for training.
Her first owner did say they hadn’t trained her at all.
The fact that she is homeless is in no way her fault, she has been a sad victim of peoples circumstances.




Chloe is a JRT cross Chihuahua who arrived this week.
More to follow once she has settled down with us