Coileanin (a.k.a Paddy)

Updated April 6, 2017 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 07/04/2017

Hi Helen, we rescued Coileanin from you 2 weeks ago tomorrow and wanted to give you and update on how he is doing!
We have renamed him Paddy and he responds to it very well.
He is getting better and better each day, has learned sit and today learned ‘paw’ within 5mins!!
He is such a wonderful dog and has the sweetest temperament…im regularly being woken up in the middle of the night by him nuzzling me for a cuddle
Today we went on a lovely long walk in the woods behind our house and he was so brave, he even wanted to play with other dogs he met on the way!
He’s still a little unsure whilst walking in the streets but tonight hes been out again and is improving each time!
Thanks to you and to the lady in Ireland for saving him and for choosing us to be his new family, we love him to bits xxx

Coileanin has now found a home !!

progress update: 31/12/2016

Coileanin has now been out on his first really long walk on a extending lead during which he aquitted himself incredibly well.
He has obviously been badly treated in the past as he flinches whenever he thinks he might be about to be hit.
He was very afraid and agoraphobic at first but, following the example of the other dogs with him, soon relaxed and had a wonderful time.
It is probable that he is unused to being able to run freely outside, and the poor chap doesn’t know what to do with dog toys, balls, biscuits or treats.
He is initially nervous of new people but soon overcomes this if there are cuddles to be had.
He has a loving, extremely gentle nature and his only real issue at the moment is that he awakens at certain times during the night as he has not yet unlearned his old farmyard routine.
He is a really nice dog and it is great to see him becoming more playful as he slowly loses his fears.

This is Coileanin (pronounced Cullyin: it means puppy in Irish)
Coileanin is approx 1 1/2 years old.
More information and photos to follow once he has settled in to his foster home with Taylor and Snoop.