Obe ( a.k.a Cyber )

Updated September 24, 2016 Categories: dogs, progress updates.


progress update: 24/9/2016

Update on Cyber. Now named Obe [Obie] and settling in amazingly well with us.
He is an extremely loving and affectionate little bundle of energy, and is getting all the love and cuddles he so rightly deserves.
Huge thanks to foster Mum Yvonne, and Helen for bringing Obe into our lives.

Cyber has now found a home !!

progress update: 20/08/2016

Update on Cyber.
He has come on in leaps and bounds, he is excellent in the car and will not get out until told to.
His coat is in lovely condition and tail has healed well (having been caught in house door accidentally) his recall is good and is improving when playing with another dog (as he never wants to stop playing)
He is very keen to please and understands sit,wait and down.
He is still sometimes nervous in traffic and fireworks frighten him.
He loves to play with any dogs, and indoors plays happily with my Shitsu but if Shitsu thinks he has gone too far will tell Cyber who immediately backs off with tail down.
He is clean in the house and never barks he just wants to please, loves his walks and has just discovered to his great joy, jumping in water.
He does get anxious when left but is only approx 7 months old so is doing extremely well.
Would happily live with another dog.
Ideally a large garden or country home would be perfect for him and of course a very loving family

This is Cyber, a lovely, friendly 5 month old Collie.
He is very thin and is on extra rations for the next couple of weeks.
He gets on fabulously with the other dogs.
He is full of energy and needs some training which he will be getting in his foster home.
More to follow as he settles in