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Cyril has now found a home !!

progress update: 4/4/14

Hi Helen
I thought you would like to know how well Cyril is doing.
Basic training is going well he now sits and waits for his food, will sit to have his lead put on and is responding to commands to leave the cat (shame we can’t train the cat to stop hissing and spitting at him!) and is coming in from the garden when called.
We are having to be very consistent with him as he definitely has a wilful streak and will turn away if he wants to ignore you.
He really is a much loved addition to our family and I am really noticing the benefit of our daily early morning walks.
Thank you to all who helped to rescue him

progress update: 11/3/14

Hi Helen
Cyril is settling in well, he is a real joy.
Everyone loves him except our cat!
He has had a trip to the vet and treatment for struvite crystals but this seems to have settled now.
Kind regards Ann

progress update: 22/1/14



He’s been here for a couple of days now and he’s settled in well.
He slept all night and very clean too.
He loves his walks (not off lead) and doesn’t pull at all, he has taken an interest in the local cats and rabbits on the heath.
I have to put him in the crate when we go out, as he jumps the gate and tries to get out the door with us.
He gets on well with our dog and isn’t bothered with our boys who are 5 and 6.
He does chew his bedding, but I think it’s a comfort thing as he doesn’t do it all the time!
Cyril will need a lot of patience and love.

progress update: 20/1/14

He is, clean in the house, walks well on lead (little bit more training, as he likes to zig zag) good with Zak and Aden( my children) , getting on well with Maddie ( my dog ).

See how he settles in tonight and tomorrow :)


3 beds to choose from and Cyril chooses the kitchen floor!

Cyril 2



Male, neutered,
Born: 2010

Cyril is about 3 years old and is one of the sweetest dogs we ever met – he lives with a gang of babies – he is an absolute sweetheart. Cyril was very lucky – God must have spared him, he didn’t have really serious trauma from the car-accident. He had wounds on all his legs but the only really serious problem was an open joint on his front paw. He is now recovered, although can still sometimes feel some pain in cold weather.

His name is Cyril after the Bulgarian Saint, one of the brothers that invented our alphabet. We call him this, because the car hit him in front of our National Library. There are no words too strong about this excellent boy – he really is a wonderful dog and that can be seen even on photos – he is kind, smiling, gentle and intelligent!

Cyril is highly recommended by the Board Of Happy Hearts – he is a dog that brings nothing but joy to all around him!