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progress update: 24/3/14

Darcy has been with us for almost a year now and as you can see is enjoying life.
Lots of walks with space to reach peak speed, then an assortment of places to sleep with her favourite doggy pal Penny.
So pleased to have given her a home

progress update: 29/3/13
Darcy is settling in very well and loves playing with the children and Penny her new doggie friend, who isn’t always so enthusiastic and puts bouncy Darcy firmly in her place.
She is happy in her crate at night and hasn’t had a single accident since she arrived on Monday.
She enjoys her short walks, though isn’t sure what to make of cows.
Darcy is a lovely pup, we are so lucky :)

progress update: 27/3/13
From Darcy’s new family – Darcy is settling in well and has had a good play with Penny the JRTX.
She cried a little to start with on the way home but settled and slept after I sang to her ( well, hummed)
She’s gorgeous, fast asleep now.

progress update: 26/3/13

Darcy has now found a home !!

Darcy has just left for her new home :)
Three very excited children awaiting her arrival!

progress update: 20/3/13
Darcy really is the sweetest little girl.
She’s clean and quiet in her her crate at night.
Still the odd accident inside but not very often.
She is gentle with the children and adores our cats.
She would probably suit a family with older children though as she does still jump up occasionally.
Will make a super addition to a very lucky family

Darcy is a beautiful 13 week old lurcher puppy.
She has a kind and gentle nature.
She has made firm friends with our kitten and they happily play and take naps together.
She adores the children and is very happy in the company of other dogs.