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progress update: 25/5/13

Hello Helen,
Just wanted to let you know we are doing ok!
Emily has changed everything here and I love having a 3 hr walk everyday, already lost 7lb!! (thanks Ems)
We call her Ems we walk on the beach and woods by our house.
She sleeps thro the night now and only has the odd accident.
She is loved by us all, we cant wait to start puppy classes,
Thank you for finding us an amazing dog, she has chewed a few things ,
and she has made us all much tidier not good with the chickens yet but getting much better with the ducks.
She is my little star, and  I got the all clear from the hospital yesterday and could not wait to get home to her.
We are all so happy and hope she is too, she has 2 dog beds and lots of chews and toys to play with!
Now just to get the cats coming in, but Ems is good around them now.
Have a great holiday thanks again
Alison and Ems X