Cookie ( a.k.a Finker )

Updated March 2, 2013 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 2/3/13

Finker ( now called COOKIE) has settled in with us and is getting along fine with the grumpy old blind Jack Russell, the 2 cats, 2 children and 4 chickens..
She is responding very well to training and loves her daily hikes around the countryside where she now lives..
Loves her new routine and surroundings..
Loves digging up moles hills (0% success rate I’m pleased to add) and always comes home with a dirty nose!

progress update: 16/2/13

Finker has now a home !!

progress update: 6/2/13

As you can see, Finker has settled in and is getting along in her foster home with DAWGdog Ozzie.
Finker is a medium sized Collie mix, about two years old.
She is clean in the house, good on the lead and friendly with other dogs.
She travels well in the car and is crate trained.
Finker would make a loving, loyal, fun, family dog.

This is Finker rescued from a pound last week.
She is two years old, a Collie mixture, good with other dogs.
More to follow once she has settled.