Foxes thank emergency vets at Walton Lodge and Afrivets !

Updated May 17, 2020 Categories: foxes and fox cubs, news, Thank you !!.


It has been a Foxy week this last week with three cubs arriving and today an adult Fox with a foreign object in between his toes.
Removed and cleaned up by emergency vets this evening.
Antibiotics given along with painkiller and now safely installed in a large crate so we can monitor he is eating well before release on Tuesday back to where he came from.
Two cubs came in last Sunday one with conjunctivitis and the other with a prolapsed bowel.
Now both doing well and hope to release the one with eye problem back to his family.
The other cub arrived Thursday and in spite of attempts to find the place where her family live we had no success with this.
She will be living with another cub until we can soft release them both late August.
Here is a photo of the adult Fox:

The cubs don’t keep still enough for photos but will try to get a couple.
Thank you to the emergency vets based at Walton Lodge who have been marvellous and also Afrivets who have put up with my endless phone calls to them this week for advice!