Free of The Footwell!

Updated July 28, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

Recently I’ve been improving so much that I’m now allowed to be in the back of the car without having to go in a sky cage.

I can always usually often sometimes occasionally be trusted not to try and bite the car to bits when I see another dog out of the window, or Something Else To Bark At.

Being free I can try and round up all the other dogs in the back.

Rounding Things Up is one of My Favorite Things To Do.

If I get too excited rounding everyone up then being in the back of the car also means I can run right to the very back whenever the Shakey Bottle appears.

This means that Mutley is between the Shakey Bottle and me, which is a Very Good Thing. It also means that I can see out of the back window.

There are always Lots of Things To Bark At out of the back window, but I try and remember not to bark too much as it only upsets the Shakey Bottle.

Helen is used to looking in her mirror and seeing the drivers behind laughing at me, particularly if we are in a traffic jam. I don’t know why they laugh.

Sometimes they almost crash because they are watching me. I’m sure they would not even stop laughing if they crashed.

This last week we’ve been going on adventures to play with Takoda. Takoda is not staying at the Rescue because he’s Just Too Big and has Too Much Energy All The Time. So we go over to take him out for walks during the day. This week it has been so hot that we’ve been spending lots of time jumping in and out of Pools and Ponds to cool off.

I love Pools and Ponds, they always provide lots of opportunities to get messy and discover Smelly Things.

I’d like to be a Smelly Thing, but I’m in enough trouble with Helen as it is.

So I try and encourage all the other dogs to get covered in Smelly Things, and then Round Them Up instead!