Updated September 9, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 09/09/2014

Gizzy has now found a home !!

Giz went proudly off to his new home, wagging his tail, he looked like the cat that had the cream with his very own family.
A big thank you to Serena who helped get him to safety and happiness, he is a great little fellow,
tears were shed, my bed will be empty tonight – Pat.

progress update: 05/09/2014

Foster DAWGdog Gizmo and resident DAWGdog Jimbo,
enjoying a sniff and a walk,
Giz will be at the DAWG Show on Sun to meet his public and hopefully his forever family

progress update: 30/08/2014

We have a tea leaf on the premises, a very clever one!
Gizzy managed to get the lid of the feed bin take out the packet of paddywacks, help himself to one and put packet back…replacing lid !!
How do I know this… after the first time he did it he ate his spoils and went back for more..
Said treats now removed onto higher surface.

Gizzy has not had the best out of life up to now.
He was kept most of the hours in each day in a crate but his luck has taken an upward turn and he has landed firmly on his feet at Pat’s who he is fostering with.
Gizzy is a bit underweight and will over the next few weeks eat the Rescue out of house and home.
This is galvanising Jimbo to eat all his meals in double quick time instead of pulling off his usual trick of turning his nose up at a meal that has been prepared with love and care and looking at the menu again.
Those of you with fussy children will know how this feels !
I say make them sit there until they have eaten every last crumb.
My Dad did this to me with my sprouts once and it didn’t do me any harm.

Anyway, child training tips apart Lord Jimbo or President Putin as Mark calls him is also staying with Pat for a while now Helen has a rather attractive young girl at her house who is in season.
Jimbo’s heart can’t take it at his age and although many an old whistle blows a new tune it doesn’t mean the old heart can keep up, as many elderly millionaires who have married young and pretty gold diggers have found out to their cost !!

Hopefully, Pat who thought she would be having a bit of rest time after having her knee replaced can hobble her way up to Branksome Pets at Home on Saturday, Gizzy will be there making an effort to sell raffle tickets and sign autographs for those of you who would like to meet him.

Just arrived Gizzy, a Chinese crested x jack hairless, 6yr neutered male x sweet boy.