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Gypsy has now found a home !!

progress update: 10/05/2014

Gypsy is the sweetest of dogs you could ask for.
Very loyal, good with children and other dogs.
She Loves walks, cuddles, and playing. Very good on lead and off.
Gypsy is good when left at home, doesn’t chew or mess.
I sometimes find her the otherside of the stair gate when I get home and always very pleased to see you. Think she might be good at agility.
She sleeps all night and is clean. When Brian gets up at 5.15am she doesn’t even get out off bed any more and goes back to sleep till about 6.30/7am when I get up to walk them.
My young boys adore her, they are 5 and 7 years old.
She can be cheeky if food is left on the table and you go out of the room, she will jump up and take it (as my 17 year old daughter found out with her sandwich!)

progress update: 04/05/2014

Hi, my name is Gypsy.
I arrived on Monday and immediately became great friends with Pippin who I rolled and played with for an hour.
I love all dogs though Cara wasn’t quite so loving at first…… I have heard from the others that she can be a bit like this.
I soon won her over and now she puts up with me.
I love playing but never force myself on anyone who doesn’t want to play I am a polite girl.
I like children too. I had my first walk off the lead today and boy did I have a good run with Hope chasing her round and round in circles.
Helen says that I am her sort of dog and she was most reluctant to let me go to Kim’s.
Kim’s husband will be pleased when he learns that I am quiet when left, clean in the house and I don’t chew everyone’s belongings up.
I am to have a photo shoot in the next few days with Stephanie, I hope she isn’t expecting me to be nude I am NOT that sort of girl !!