Updated September 4, 2021 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Heidi has now found a home !!

Heidi [ GSDx ] has arrived.
A gentle soul who has clearly been socialised with other dogs.
She met Missy first who was quite grumpy and no reaction from her apart from to sensibly back off.
Next she met Pippin who likes to strut his stuff to begin with when meeting new dogs.
Within a 5 mins they were chasing each other up and down the garden.
She does startle easily from a sudden noise accompanied by a human movement which tells me maybe she has been smacked.
She will soon get over this. A really lovely girl and youngish.
Not going to inspect her teeth yet to determine her age as she has enough new experiences on her first day to cope with.
Considering she has only been with us for a couple of hours she is so far taking it all in her stride