Updated June 27, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Kizzie has now found a home !!

Kizzie had her dental on Monday and unfortunately all her teeth were in such bad state they had to be extracted.
Didn’t stop her wanting her dinner when she came home later that day.
She is a different dog now much brighter in herself and not in pain anymore.

Kizzie arrived this week and has been helping us fundraise at Pets at Home.
She has enjoyed all the attention she has received there.

Kizzie is 9 years old and a Whippet Lurcher.
Her teeth are in a terrible state and infected so she is into the vet on Monday for a full dental.
She is a quiet, gentle girl and gets on with the other dogs here and everyone she has met at Pets at Home.

More on her progress as she settles in