Tessie (a.k.a Lassie the elder)

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progress update: 29/11/2014

We do find that Tess is such a joy and life wouldn’t be the same without her.
She is a real character now and thoroughly enjoys her walks.
We do the early morning one with the two Yorkies next door and although they are only pint sized,
they have appointed themselves her protector and woe betide anyone who tries to get near her rear!
She loves her beds, particularly the one in the conservatory where she can see everything in the garden and yet have access to the rest of the house.
She still follows me everywhere but if I go out she then follows John and she often sleeps on his feet and he loves it.
Her tail wags constantly, much to everyone’s amusement.

Her coat looks good and she has lovely soft fur on her tummy where she was shaved before the operations.

She has come out of her shell and occasionally enjoys rolling along the carpet on her back and being quite frisky.
Early morning walks are fun for her as she has the company of next door’s two Yorkies, and there are plenty of other dogs for her to meet in the fields nearby.
We often come back wet and muddy but she really enjoys being dried.

She has settled down so well and enjoys walking in the fields off the lead, and occasionally has a little run which is good to see, but generally stays quite close to me.
She is sociable with other dogs and people but I really think she likes the quiet life, and as long as John or I are at home she is quite happy.

All in all she is a lovely dog and a wonderful companion and we hope she enjoys being with us as much as we enjoy having her.

We were sorry not to be able to get to the Show as it would have been lovely to have met the lady from Ireland who rescued Tess,
but I understand from the web site that it was a great success.

Best wishes


progress update: 11/07/2014

Lassie has now found a home !!

progress update: 22/06/2014

As Lassie was a barn dog she needed reassurance at first over garden access, so at first we have had the doors open all day and given her a bed in the conservatory to use if she wants to use it.
But now she has begun to understand that the rest of the bungalow is ok and comes into the back rooms too. She has started to follow me about a bit in true collie fashion but lies down quietly when I am not on the move.
She is perfect. Gentle, quiet, clean. Walks very nicely on lead, likes to go for walks and glad to come home, likes cats, likes dogs, haven’t tried her socialising with children but she would probably be ok (but may prefer a quiet life)
She isn’t a playful type, just gently quiet and thoughtful.
She pants a bit but isn’t nervous of anything.
She has such a pretty face and a very glossy black coat, the pics don’t do her justice.
She has a slightly careful walk as if her back legs are just starting to get a bit stiff.
She doesn’t like stairs but she got in my car with no problem.


This is Lassie who arrived this week.
Lassie is the mother to several of the puppies that we have had in the rescue over the last few years.
She came from a farm and they finally agreed to give her up to us.
So, at last her mothering days are over and she can enjoy life in comfort.
Lassie is ten years old and perfect in every way.
Super with other dogs, cats and children.

We are so pleased that she now has the chance of an easy, indoor life where she will be warm in the winter on a cosy bed in a new home.