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progress update: 05/01/2018

Hi Helen,
Happy new year to you.
All is well with Lexi, in fact everything is going great!
Her and our cat now tolerate each other and have found peace!

Lexi has now found a home !!

Lexi arrived today and this is what her previous family have written about her :-

Lexi is great with children, I have three boys although the oldest is 20 and the youngest is 9 my house is always full of their friends.
I am also a scout leader and Lexi sometimes comes out with my group, she love being around people however she does get a bit excited with all the attention.
She started out as a pub dog. So she is very social with people and other dogs.
She has never been around cats. So I can’t say if she could live with one but we had a rabbit that she loved to cuddle up with.
I would like to let you know she is very strong. I would never let my children hold her lead as she would pull them over.
She is well behaved and knows one word directions. Like sit, paw, high five! Come, car, home, go and out.
She is very much a mans dog and usually greets male visitors by dropping to the floor expecting belly rubs.
She can’t be bribed with treats, she prefers hugs and fuss.
She has been trained not to lick faces but she may sneak in lick on the hand.
She likes to go for long walks and a swim, she does not care for the temperature of the water.
She only poops in the back garden. Really frustrating when you have been walking for hours and she holds it in till you get home!