Missy and Jessie

Updated May 15, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 15/5/15

I thought you might like to see our two lovely DAWG collies,
Jessie at the front who we adopted 3 years ago this month and Missy at the back who has been with us just over a year.
They couldn’t be different in character but both well and truly part of the family.

Missy has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/3/14

Our two lovely DAWG dogs, Jessie at the front who we have had for almost 2 years
and Missy at the back who we adopted this week.
They are thoroughly enjoying each others company and play really well together.

Missy is two years old and gets on with other dogs.
She is a little nervous when she meets new people but soon gets over this.
More to follow once she has had time to settle in

progress update: 15/5/12

Jessie has now found a home !!

Jessie in her new home!

Jessie is a four month old mixture with a bit of Collie in her but will not grow to be Collie size.
We think she will be smaller when she is fully grown.
She loves everyone and is still very much a puppy.