Mollie and Bruce

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progress update: 15/07/2020

Hello we just wanted to share our news, our Bruce pictured next to Stuart had been unwell and we thought he might have diabetes.
We were referred to Southern Counties Vet in Ringwood on Wednesday and after a very emotional day he has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome. Like many people who had no idea about this illness. But relieved to know with the correct dosage of medication he will continue to live and full and active life,
We thank everyday we spend with our two Kelpie rescues from DAWGDOGS and thank you Helen for all your support and for trusting us to take care of our beautiful pair

progress update: 06/11/2019

progress update: 04/03/2019

Hello from Mollie and Bruce in Weymouth, we’re very lucky to have two Kelpies who are ambassadors meeting people who come to Weymouth and making new friends everyday.
They also share their story about how rescue dogs make perfect companions.
Bruce tells the story of how as a small puppy he came to live with us.
And everyone can believe Mollie was a wonderful mother who came over with her puppies.
Everyone thinks their related but we say no just the same breed.
They always ask people to adopt and not shop we know it makes sense

progress update: 10/06/2018

Mollie and Bruce would like to say hello to everyone,
Bruce was a small puppy when he came to live with us
All the advice and support given by Helen and her team helped Bruce become the well mannered boy he is today (hiding behind Mollie) and Mollie came to live with us after Helen rescued her her pups and her mate.
She brings so much joy to everyone she meets, both are non reactive, and love meeting new dog friends, and never forget a face or a dog.
Thank you for all you do for our friends x

progress update: 22/12/2016

And a very Happy Christmas from DAWGdogs Mollie Bruce and Maise xx

progress update: 18/12/13


Hello and a Very Happy Christmas from Mollie and Bruce,

Mollie would like to wish her puppies and her mate a good Christmas and New Year – she hopes you’ve all been good!

Bruce wishes his Brothers a Happy Christmas and New Year.

With Linda and Stuart they will continue to raise awareness of rescued dogs in the hope that one day there will not be any dogs to rescue

progress update: 6/9/13

Mollie meeting her puppies again at the Dog Show.
Poppy and Flynn with his back to us, hope to meet up with maybe some of the other puppies another time,

Mollie and Taylor were such great parents to the puppies.


progress update: 20/3/13

progress update: 6/1/13

Hello Helen just a quick update on Mollie,
she seems to have settled in very well,
Bruce and Mollie are so good together, both sharing the same ideas that,
everybody will want to say hello, which of course they do.
She has been exploring the area with us today, liked the beach,
and around the harbour side, not sure she understood what swans are.
Like Bruce is not a fan of lorries or buses going by,
we are all tired and resting now, ready for the next walk.

Linda Stuart Bruce and Mollie

progress update: 4/1/13

Mollie has now found a home !!

Mollie has gone to live with Bruce, another DAWGdogs kelpie.

new photos of Mollie: 20/11/12

progress update 30/10/12

The Kelpie puppies and Mum – Molly and Dad – Taylor arrived today.

Hi Helen,
Pictures at last of the Kelpie family, the farmer himself took the pictures and apologies for them as he feels they are
not so good but I must say he did a better job than I could have, as you can imagine they never stop jumping around.
The picture of the dad was taken by myself but he was tied up at the time.
The mum is the dog with a hand under her face and her name is Molly,
the dad is called Taylor and the puppies do not have a name as yet.
They seem to have grown so much in 2 weeks and Oh by the way, they are actually 12 weeks old, he remembered at the
weekend that they were born end of June or beginning of July.
They were all vaccinated yesterday.
Taylor and Molly are about 4 years old, Molly is very friendly but
Taylor is a little nervous but I think he will come round. The last
time I saw the puppies which was last week they were so friendly,they
do have the run of the farm when the farmer comes home from work, he
has to work outside the farm as well.
We don’t know how many males or females there are the farmer forgot to
check but they are mixed.
As always Helen, thank you so very much and many thanks also to
everyone else involved.
all the very best,