Mutley and the moaning at 5:30

Updated June 2, 2008 Categories: Tales of Dastardly Dogs.

When I first arrived in the rescue I had been used to getting my own way and would bark at precisely 5.30 for my tea.

If this didn’t work I would flip the food bin and nip Helen on the bum,
I thought if I did this enough I would get what I wanted.

But Helen is a tough cookie and not one of those types you can steal.
She made me wait until very late before she would feed me.

I still moan a bit at 5.30 and know the time even when the clocks change.

Mark brought a very large box of bonios for me when he last came to stay,
I let the other dogs have some but as I am very good at stealing food I eat most of them.

Helen decided to stop this and emptied them into various dog proof containers and as you can see I am helping her arrange them.

If I sit long enough with my paw on her knee she drops one on the floor.