My most Dastardly Deed yet

Updated July 2, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

I’d better relate why I’m in such disgrace that I think I’ve lost all hope of ever getting a Special Collar.

I must tell everyone that I’m normally a very clean dog.

But …

I forgot what I was doing and pee’d on Helen’s shoe

And her foot

And a lot of her leg

At first she was so surprised and shocked that I had time to hide behind Harley before she realised.

Everyone was shocked, even the new pups.

I was shocked too, once what I’d done had time to sink in.

Helen didn’t want what I’d done to have time to sink in, so she had to go and wash straight away.

Now everyone knows it was me who got us all into The Trouble Over The Wellies.

I bet I’ll be sent to the top of the rehoming list now.

I’ll have no chance of getting a Special Collar ever.

I’ll have no chance of getting any bonios for a while either.

I hope Helen sees the funny side of it soon