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Nero has now found a home !!

progress update: 30/04/2020

Nero settled into our foster home very quickly at just 4 months of age.
He has a very calm, sweet, gentle and polite nature.
Nero is a typical Border Collie, which includes the lovely temperament and is very intelligent.
In just a few weeks he has been a great foster pup who enjoys us all, including our young children. He loves to play with his toys and is also happy to play in his own company and especially loves the garden.
He will thrive with some further training and already knows a few basic words. He is almost toilet trained, so after every meal and drink we still have to put him outside and inevitably he will wee. He still occasionally has a little wee accident, but never a poo!
He loves his walks and is getting quite strong on the lead now. He is typically very interested in everything out and about, especially a fascination with wheels, meeting other dogs and wanting to join in with play. He has the tendency to always want to chase and so is very curious and slightly nervous with noisy cars going by when being walked along the pavement.
He is very sociable, but hasn’t been able to meet too many other dogs on leads during this social distancing time!
He has therefore never been left, so has enjoyed our full time attention, but more recently has found his voice and will bark sometimes if ignored, even though he can see and hear us in the other room, so not far away! He is also quite content in curling up on his own to have a nap!
Nero is used to our routine during the day and sleeps well in his crate during the night, but let’s us know it’s time to get up from about 6.30 every morning!
Nero will thrive on lots of company, stimulation, further training and exercise.
A very special pup :-)

Nero was one of four Collie puppies that arrived just before lockdown.