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progress update: 12/11/2017

With his new brother settling in nicely!

Nugget has now found a home !!

Nugget is a 9 month old Cocker spaniel who was going to be put to sleep because he chewed…
Well what else would you expect from a 9 month old active Cocker Spaniel !!??
That is unless you are not walking him enough…….
He arrived yesterday and Yvonne his foster Mum took him straight out for a long walk as he was bouncing off the walls.
He fell asleep afterwards and spent the night happily sleeping on her bed.
Today he is a much calmer dog and so are Yvonne’s nerves.
Spaniels are active and need a lot of mental stimulation and exercise.
This is no couch potato like a Lurcher or Greyhound.
He gets on extremely well with other dogs.