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progress update: 07/08/2016

DAWGdog Ollie (Re-homed) enjoying the sunshine with his brother

progress update: 19/02/2016

Ollie is a happy boy snuggled up under the duvet with me and electric blanket on

progress update: 11/01/2016

Happy Birthday to DAWGdog Ollie (Re-homed) who was two yesterday!!
Looks like he had a lovely time!

Ollie has now found a home !!


My name is Ollie and I am a 18mth old Chihuahua and have come from a loving family home with Lou & Ginette they rescued me from a young family that bought me as a present for their two yr old little girl who thought I was a toy and hurt me, this is why I am not confident or comfortable around small children.

I am a very affectionate chap who loves giving and receiving cuddles when I get to know you. I love to follow people around as I like to know where everyone is. I am a very loyal, loving dog and love to snuggle up on the sofa watching tv with my human companions and for them to rub my tummy.

I enjoy the outdoors and told that I am fantastic off the lead I love to sometimes roll in fox poo which I think makes me smell delightful ! but others disagree. I am very sociable with other animals I have a friend called Biscuit who is a ginger cat we hang out together in my garden. I also enjoy catching up with the other animals on Lou and Ginettes friends farm where I get to mix with lambs, pigs ducks and geese. I love being at the beach rolling around in the sand.

I eat Royal Canine dry food and free feed most of the day I am not a fan of tinned dog food but love a Sunday roast with all the vegetables too. I also like white doggie chocolate drops and toast with butter and happy to sit when you ask me too. To be honest I love any kind of treat.

I like to play rough and tumble, tug of war on my rope and playing fetch with various other toys I love running around off the lead and exploring new things.

If you tell me its “pee pee” time I take my self to the door if its locked, all the other times I just take myself out side to the back of my garden which is my space.

I like to go out in the car and have travelled to Scotland many times and love to look out of the window I also wait patiently in the car if you need to pop into the shops.

I am happy to have a bath when needed but do love to run around the house afterwards to dry off, bedtime for me is called “night night time” I’m not really a fan of going to bed as I would rather be in yours cuddling in if you put me in my bed I will look so sad, but I love giving big cuddles in the morning !!.

I am good at going to the vets and have had all my injections and get my nails cut every few months I don’t really like this, but if you hold and cuddle me I feel safe.

Lou and Ginette are heart broken that they have to give me up as they describe me as a perfect boy ,its just that I’m nervous around small children and they don’t want me to be put in a position that will upset me and they dont want me to feel pushed out when the baby arrives.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me I will be a great friend and loyal companion to anyone who loves me.