Olly & Winston

Updated December 3, 2016 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Olly & Winston have now found a home together!!

Olly is a 7 Year old labrador cross.
He is quite leggy and and very fun loving and playful.
He loves to fetch a ball as often as you will throw it for him.
He has just one eye, he had a cancerous lump underneath his eye which was removed and his eye had to go with it, to get enough surgical margin.
The lump was tested and it was a non aggressive form of cancer and the vet has said he would be very unlucky to get any further problems related to this.
This was about 2 years ago and he has recovered well and isn’t bothered about having one eye.
He may bump into you if you are on the wrong side of him.
But he was a bit clumsy with two eyes!

His best friend is Winston and he is about 7 too, he has been living with Olly for 5 years now.
He is a small black labrador.
They like to have their beds next to each other.
Winston needs a quick command to come back or he will run off and play with other dogs.
He loves chasing a ball and returning it to you.

They are best friends and it would be so lovely if they could stay together forever.
Olly relies on Winston a little bit since he had his operation…
he let’s Winston check situations out before he follows.

Both are lovely dogs, are fine with other dogs and people.
They will jump up into the boot of the car and they travel well.

They both come back when called and are will follow commands such as “walk” “sit” “wait” “bed” and are house trained.

They ideally need someone who can walk them once or twice a day..brush them every other day and give them lots of love.
They are quite happy relaxing in the garden a lot of the time.
They are really easy-going dogs who just need time spent with them and nice walks.