Poppy & her pups – Bertie, Missy (a.k.a Mistle), Holly & Ivy

Updated February 14, 2020 Categories: DAWGDOGS NEEDING A HOME !!, dogs, progress updates.

Poppy still needs a home

her pups – Bertie, Mistle, Holly & Ivy have now all found homes !!



If you may be able to offer a home

please call Helen on 01202 380467

Phone calls & messages are usually only taken during office hours Mon – Sat.

Emails and Facebook messages can usually only be responded to within 3 days,

so please be patient if you don’t get an answer straight away:

Helen is often too busy to explain how busy she is!

We usually only rehome within approx. 50 miles of the Bournemouth / Poole area
so that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will only rehome further afield if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home
to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we rescue

progress update on Mistle (now Missy) : 15/02/2020

I’ve put on 5oz and on Sat I get to see the big wide world for the first time

Bertie (male)

Mistle (female)

Mistle (female)

Holly (female)

Ivy (female)

Ivy (female)

Poppy has been with us since the beginning of December having arrived with her four young un’s.
Poppy was a stray and in a dog pound when she surprisingly gave birth to puppies.
Luckily for Poppy the pound she was in are dog loving people and she and her babies were extremely well looked after, loved and given a good start.

Poppy is around three years old, the pups are now 11 weeks old.
As we have no idea who the father or fathers to the litter were, they are a good old Heinz 57 mixture of sorts.