Updated February 11, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 18/02/2018

Here he is – all settled in.
Having a nap with his new big brother

Ronnie has now found a home !!

progress update: 23/01/2018

I am currently fostering Ronnie at the moment, he is a right laugh,
he gets along with dogs, he loves play fighting with my dog.
He is just a sweet heart. He will complete any family x

Ronnie is a wonderful young man,
he loves long walks so he would suit an active family that loves the out doors,
he doesn’t like to be snuggled but likes to be cuddled,
he has just started to play with toys so he would love a tug of war game,
he is quite and will settle in a crate with a lovely warm blanket and a cover over it,
He will sleep happily but doesn’t like to be left alone for long but after some training he should be fine,
he will make a young active family very happy

This is Ronnie who is a Cavalier cross.
Everyone loves Ronnie here at the Rescue apart from maybe Sam who is a little fed up with Ronnie’s amorous intentions !!
Ronnie as you may have deduced is not castrated yet but will be much once he has gained some weight- much to Sam’s relief.
Ronnie gets on with all the dogs and loves his walks and the people he meets.
A very nice character.