Rosie the Japanese Chin

Updated January 25, 2017 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 28/01/2017

This is our little Rosie we have had her for 3 years now & she is the best little doggie

progress update: 23/01/2016

Thought you’d like to see our Rosie now as we’ve had her for 2 years now.
Time flies so quickly and she’s brought us so much joy

progress update: 17/01/2015

We’ve now had Rosie for a year today and I thought you’d like to see a recent picture of her.
She’s so lovely !!

progress update: 23/6/14

Hi thought you would like to see Rosie enjoying her holiday in Orkney

progress update: 12/4/14

progress update: 3/2/14


Little Rosie enjoying Bournemouth beach for the first, but not last time !

progress update : 31/1/14

Rosie has now found a home !!


Rosie 2




progress updates
Rebel Rosie without a cause 1, Micks breakfast 0 ,she dove face down onto his plate and sent his breakfast flying and was very quick to retrieve half a sausage,that’s my girl,butter wouldn’t melt, I think not!

Rosie spent her first night in her crate quietly and used her toilet training pad,she has just spent 10 mins trying to jump up on the sofa but she is to small but I bet this determined little girl gets on the sofa on her own by the end of the week, she is very inquisitive and testing everything she meets with her teeth


Meet Rosie, this gorgeous little girl is a 10 week old Japanese Chin mix,
Rosie is a very confident little pupster who is still learning her house training and will require time and further training.