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Rover has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/11/13

Rover has gone to his new home today!

progress update: 20/11/13

Thinks he’s died and gone to heaven – hardly slept for 36 hours – maybe he thought he’d wake up and find himself back where he was…

He is absolutely delightful – loves everyone – dogs, women – men , children (well, one so far…)– watches me like a hawk and sticks to me like glue.
He’s jolly strong for a dog with his background.
If anyone deserves a wonderful forever home, it is Rover.
PS. He doesn’t seem to know his name…


progress update: 17/11/13

Rover will be coming into the Rescue tomorrow

progress update: 6/10/13

We are in the process of rescuing Rover.

He is not at the Rescue yet but we thought someone might be moved enough by his plight to be able to offer him a home as soon as possible after he comes in, in order to minimise the disruption and stress that he will obviously undergo until he finds a loving forever home.




rover 2


Hi Helen,
Had hoped not to contact you so soon but had this heart breaking email from Anita from she just wondered if there might be somebody out there
who might be able to take him on.
We will make sure he is vaccinated and given the once over from the vet just to make sure all is well.
It is a lot to ask right now but thought I would run it by you as wasn’t sure what else to do.
Anita has said despite everything he is a lovely dog very friendly and still loves people and also very good with other dogs.
Thank you as always Helen,
Take care,

Hi Eileen, here a few photos of Rover.
He is about 10 years old, not neutered and very friendly.
At present he is being kept by his owners in a small enclosure in their back yard without any shelter or company.
His food contains out of scraps of the table that look disgusting and I found his water bowl half empty with dirty water.
Also his run isn’t kept clean.
He was gotten as a pup when the children were five and eight.
I hope that he can find a loving home for the last few years of his life.
Greetings, Anita