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Sal has now found a home !!

progress update: 19/11/2016

Sal has made herself comfortable at Debbie’s who she is fostering with.
Sal has been treated very badly at some point in her life and will need time to feel 100% confident around people.
All dogs do come round in time and Sal will too she needs a little patience and time.


progress update

Lianne took Sal out for a long walk down through Branksome Woods.
We were not sure how Sal would be with the busy roads she had to cross but she was totally unfazed and came back full of the joys of Spring.
She walks beautifully well on the lead.
Sal is still gaining confidence with people but coming along well.
She is terrified of mop or broom handles so I guess she has been hit with one in her past.

Sal is a young Saluki type Lurcher who gets on very well with other dogs and is as I type this racing backwards and forwards and having a marvellous game of tag with Zak.
She has not been treated well and disappears as soon as a brush or mop is used.
She has gained confidence with me quite quickly considering.
She is a gentle and lovely.
More to follow as she settles in