Updated October 26, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Sammy has now found a home !!

Sammy is 6 months old and a Lurcher type.
He is fostering with Geoff and his four dogs.
He soon got into the swing of things at Geoff and settled down quickly.
He has lived with children before.
Sammy’s first day at Geoff’s –

It’s not bad here at all.
After pesky Kelpie had given up keeping me in a neat place we had a fantastic game of tag racing back and forth out the back of Geoff’s house with Freddie joining in.
Geoff had the idea that I would share a bedroom with Freddie when he went out but I liked the look of the settee and hopped onto that.
I heard Geoff telling Helen that as I seemed to be a good dog he left me there when he went off for his teatime drink with his cohorts at the pub.
Freddie said they would be talking about politics and other boring stuff and putting the world to rights.