Scrappy and Boo Boo

Updated October 29, 2013 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Scrappy and Boo Boo have now found homes !!

progress update: 30/10/13

Boo boo and Scrappy are Shiatsu cross Jack Russel who are an absolute delight.
They get on well with everyone including Jackie and Bob’s cat.
Only 7 months old so still puppies.
We’ve had them a couple of weeks now and they are delightful dogs.
They have both been neutered and have recovered well.
We’ve had an extra 2 doggie house guests arrive and they have made friends with no problems, even playing with them and this is unusual for Millie who is a bit reserved.
See the video for an example of this.

They do not need to be rehomed together as they are only young.
They love being picked up and cuddled and just lay there lapping up all the attention.

The photos show all the dogs sitting and waiting for dinner, Scrappy and Boo Boo curled up under the computer table with our dog Basil and the last one shows the dogs settled down for the evening, all the beds and blankets are interchangable for who ever wants to share them.


These are Scrappy and Boo Boo, scruffy mixes.
They are 7 month old boys.
Very friendly and happy little dogs.
They have had very little training but are learning slowly.
They sleep through the night curled up together.