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Skye has now found a home !!

When we met Skye just over two weeks ago, at that time she was incredibly nervous on the lead and was petrified of cars.
We have been taking her to less distracting places to walk and her confidence on lead has improved.
Last night she managed to walk for more than 30 minutes around roads with occasional passing cars.

We are so so pleased with her progress and will continue to walk with her until she is rehomed.

Skye needs a family with a lot of love and a good amount of patience, experience with Collies would be a bonus!

progress update: 24/04/2018

Exciting day for me as I have been on a treasure hunt with Biscuit, Gemma and Stuart.
And I walked along the road from their house to the park and only had to be picked up once…..
The cars still scare me a bit to be honest but I am gradually getting used to the noise they make.
I am worn out from all the new experiences and going to have a bit of a snore and legs up in the air now having just eaten a delicious dinner

progress update: 21/04/2018

Well today I met a nice couple who wanted to meet me.
Helen wanted them to see how very scared of the outdoors wide open spaces I am.
And with a lot of tempting we went around the block for a walk.
As soon as I knew I was on the homeward stretch I pulled all the way to the back garden to get to my safety zone.
Tomorrow I am off to stay with Gemma, Stuart and Biscuit who are going to continue to walk with me in the woods and let me off the lead for a good run in the enclosed dog park.
Helen is going to take me over to Geoff’s for a run in his paddock while she picks up the horse poo.
And she has said she will take me to her allotments where I can get used to open space in a safe area.
She is crossing her fingers I won’t bark too much and annoy the other allotment people

progress update: 8/04/2018

Skye is gradually coming on with her lead training and getting used to the noise of cars etc.
She spent the weekend with Gemma, Stuart and Biscuit and had an off-lead run in the enclosed dog park.
She did very well in the woods walking on the lead and is now starting to pull ahead on it.
In no time at all she will become comfortable with the outside world.

Skye’s view of the last few days :-
Helen took me out for a lead walk on Thursday and Friday.
At first it was quite scary as having been in a shed the cars made so much noise.
I sat down and refused to move.
Helen stroked me and tempted me on a few more steps and there were so many interesting smells that I walked around the corner myself which I had a lot of praise for.
Helen said I had probably had enough by the time we walked around the block and I was glad to get back into the garden.
Jake immediately tried to round me up into a tidy circle……
On the weekend I tired myself out in Gemma and Stuart’s garden and had a walk in the woods and so many interesting smells that I completely forgot to be scared.
They are going to take me out for more walks this week!

Skye is a year old Collie who gets on with other dogs.
Having been kept in a shed she is gradually getting used to a lead and the world outside of the garden.
Very quick to learn and a gentle girl.