Spike and Buddy

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progress update on Buddy: 15/9/13


update 7/10/13


Thank you to everyone who helped to look for him and spread the word,

he was sighted several times but was too afraid to let anyone approach him


V. Important Spike has gone missing

Spike who went to his new home two weeks ago was spooked whilst on his way back from his walk this afternoon even though on a lead it broke and he ran off.

He was last seen on the corner of Rossmore Road and Boy Ave.

As he turned the corner with someone in pursuit of him he just disappeared.

Spike is a nervous dog and will need coaxing to you.

Please phone Helen on 07968345216 if you see him or find him.

The Dog wardens have been informed.




progress update on Buddy: 15/9/13



Dear Helen
Well we have had Buddy nearly a month now and he appears to be settling well.
We are off lead for the walks in the forest with our other doggie friends and all went to the pub for lunch the other day where he sat quietly with the other dogs and had treats nicely from the landlord.
Plays ball see photos and football and have finally given him a bit of a brush so he looks a bit better(got a whole carrier bag of fur off).
Weight gain is good, nearly 20Kg now. Buddy was limping during the 2nd week and had a dose of antibiotics for sore infected corns but recovered after a few days. Vet recommended a DAP collar it it seems to help but I will discontinue when it has finished and he is more settled.
Buddy has started to greet us when we come home and when he can see the lead and is got much better on the lead and is learning the car is a route to off lead walks.
The cat has settled and although he is still very much in charge has stopped actively bullying Buddy after he growled when the cat wouldn’t let him back into the house(not a big growl and I think he surprised himself when the cat moved).
Buddy would still like to sit on the sofa but we’re working on it and still freaks with heavy traffic and going into the kitchen.

Many thanks

progress update: 14/9/13

Both Spike and Buddy have now found homes !!

progress update on Spike : 30/8/13

Spike is still looking for a home.
He is coming on well at Geoff’s though still nervous at times which is not a surprise after four years of being kept in a kitchen and never going out.
He has a walk in the forest everyday which he enjoys immensely so many new smells and sights.
Spike will need patience and TLC to come fully out of himself.
He has done very well in the last few weeks and is getting on well with Geoff’s dogs.


This is Spike who is four and a half years old.
Spike along with his brother Buddy has been kept in a kitchen all their life and not had the chance to go out on walks to meet people and other dogs.
Buddy is nervous of new people and dogs but is becoming more confident each day.
He went to the pub with Geoff yesterday to meet the other dogs and Geoff’s friends there.
After initial reservations he relaxed and settled down while a lot of fuss was made of him.
Buddy’s hair is matted and he is still quite thin.
He is putting on weight gradually and Geoff is gently cutting a few matts out his coat everyday

progress update on Buddy: 25/8/13

Hi Helen
Buddys first week
Got him eating three meals a day but still won’t eat it if we are there, is clean in the house and settles in lounge would prefer the sofa as a bed but some woman keeps coming in and telling him to get off “although if I am quiet at night she doesn’t seem to notice”.
Walking fairly well on the lead not pulling so much but using the extendy to roam around in the park.
Brushed him twice for very short periods and he seemed to appreciate that rolling over and over afterwards although still haven’t managed to cut the mats out yet.
Have been to the beach in the car today and he was very well behaved and actually went in of his own accord on the way back.
Still very weak on his legs seems to get tired after 20 minutes or so but that will come and is increasing
Plays ball in the garden at the moment but was very interested in someone playing with a frisby I suspect we will do that when he is fitter.
All in all getting settled, even the cat has calmed down and almost stopped bullying him(sat in the same room at the moment).
Will update you again in a month or so with more progress after we have been to the vets and he has been here a bit longer.
thanks again

progress update: 18/8/13

Hi Helen

Well we got home ok with a few yelps at passing cars and a lick when I said no.He has had a meal and a short walk.
The cat is in complete control growling like a good un but he will get over it.
Buddy is completely avoiding it and has gone to lie next to Chris.
Let you know how we progress over the next few days
Thanks again

Buddy has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/8/13



Buddy along with his brother Spike have been kept in a kitchen all their lives.
They are four and a half years old and Collies.
Buddy is skin and bone under his thick coat and both have matted coats.
Here is Buddy enjoying a walk at the heath this morning.
He has come on a lot in the last few days of going out, at first he was terrified of every noise and also scared to get in the car.
He has now started to jump into the car with a bit of hesitation but is jumping in.
He has met lots of dogs , bikes and people and is now not shying away from all of them.
He has a very gentle temperament.