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Taylor & Shadow

Taylor has now found a home !!

Taylor has found a permanent home with his foster mum Jane and DAWGdog Ozzy!

progress update: 7/1/13

Taylor (Kelpie) has been with us nearly three months now and it is hard to fault this young man.
He was an absolute star over Christmas in his foster home with Ozzie and two visiting dogs.
He didn’t flinch at the fireworks neighbours let off, he settled at meal times, didn’t try to pinch any food lying around, a real gentle boy.
Taylor is good on the lead but unfortunately he has very strong herding instincts and off the lead will chase and nip other dogs (he is only doing his job).
For this reason, Taylor will need a home with someone who understands his breed and carry on with training and socialisation with other dogs.
Taylor has been going to training classes with Jane, his foster mum.

The lovely, handsome Taylor is looking for a home.
He is a four year old Kelpie (Australian sheep dog). Taylor came over from Ireland three weeks ago with Mollie and their seven puppies.
Taylor was in a bit of a sorry way, very thin and poorly with an enlarged prostate which was making him feel a bit rough.
The vet recommended he was neutered straight away and the good news is that his prostate is now normal and Taylor is a happy boy, putting on weight and enjoying life.
Taylor has adapted to our busy family life.
He has learnt to be clean in the house, to walk nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and is crate trained (although we do not crate him anymore).
Out on walks, Taylor will need more socialization with other dogs as at the moment he wants to herd. We are using a training lead until he learns to walk on.
This is getting better and is early days. He loves to play with a ball although we haven’t quite mastered “fetch”!
Taylor is fostering with Ozzie and will be fine in a home with other dogs or as an only dog.

This is Taylor who is two years old and a Kelpie.
He arrived today along with this year’s love of his life Molly and their seven puppies.
Taylor gets on with other dogs and cats and we would think children..
More to follow as he settles into his foster home.

Kelpie family finally on their way to you, they really are so gorgeous, mum is just so gorgeous I am so happy
for her that she wont be having any more puppies, she has been such a good mum she deserves her time now.
She is extremely friendly and I know somebody out there is going to love her to bits, she is as mentioned very
good with other dogs and cats I would think as well at least with the cats on the farm.
Taylor of course is a dote still on the skinny side though has improved greatly, the lady in the kennels feels the reason
he may be so thin is because he apparently waits until the mum has eaten first and then he eats whats left so I suppose
on the farm maybe the farmer didn’t notice that and the same probably applied to the puppies the pushy one no doubt
got the most of the food. In the kennels of course they made sure Taylor got his fair share.
everybody is going to love the puppies they are adorable, very friendly if somewhat shy to begin with some of them.
take care and all the best,

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